Conditions are our strength

Baader & Heins AG was founded in 1992 as an independent capital market partner for the brokering of Schuldschein loan, financial instrument and securities business. To expand the portfolio of services for our institutional clients, the company was expanded to incorporate the areas of municipal finance and institutional cash management through the company KADEGE Vermittlung.

27years since being founded

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is your satisfaction!

For us, this includes nurturing an atmosphere of mutual appreciation, loyalty, openness, a constructive conflict culture and fairness towards you and within our team.

We make very high demands of ourselves in order to offer you reliable and straightforward service as well as attractive offers in keeping with our credo of

conditions being our strength.

Drawing on an extensive network of national and international clients as well as highly qualified employees, we see to it that we as your reliable partner can help you strengthen your market position.

Institutional clients

We have been one of the leading specialists in our market segment for close to 30 years, exclusively serving institutional clients such as:

April 1992

Heins & Seitz Capital Management GmbH founded in Munich

January 1997

Heins & Seitz Capital Management GmbH comes under the supervision and control of the Federal Banking Supervisory Office (BAKred)

December 2002

Baader Bank AG acquires a 50% stake in the company

June 2003

Move to the new offices of Baader Bank AG in Unterschleissheim

January 2005

Baader Bank AG’s shareholding increases to 70%

June 2006

Conversion to a public limited company (AG)

January 2009

Strategic investment in KADEGE GmbH & Co. KG

February 2009

Baader Bank AG's shareholding increases to 75%
Company renamed Baader & Heins Capital Management AG

January 2010

Merger with KADEGE while maintaining the name KADEGE Vermittlung as a branch of Baader & Heins Capital Management AG

Our word is our bond. This is something that our clients count on day in, day out. This is more than merely a slogan for us – it is a permanent sense of responsibility in the interests of our clients.

Marcus Burkhardt, authorised signatory

Any questions?

If you still have questions after visiting our website or are interested in our products, feel free to contact our experts with your specific enquiries.

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